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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scientific Proof That Micro-Management is Bad For Your Company (And How to Fix It)

When you are being micro-managed it's annoying, but when you are the manager, you see why it's necessary. Except that the newest science says it's actually lowering your employees' performance.

Scientific Proof That Micro-Management is Bad For Your Company (And How to Fix It)


The Lamb said...

That is SO true!
I once had a manager who micromanaged us (her team) and she drove us all nuts! The most interesting (and damaging) thing is that her management style sort of made us all regress as professionals; after 6 months all team members were less capable of making decisions on our own than before! So yeah, micromanagement is really toxic stuff.

HRIS Systems said...

Micromanagers can be very obnoxious and annoying. Some can be very efficient, though.

Eleanor said...

It is definitely far from productive to micromanage someone. I've experienced having a manager constantly checking in throughout the day and demanding almost hourly updates--you couldn't even get things done quickly, if you have to type up a quick report on what has been accomplished so far.

@The Lamb: That's definitely a problem. Micro-managers ultimately end up making people think that they can't do things on their own, especially if the manager tends to criticize everything an employee has done on his or her own.