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Monday, June 27, 2011

Is My Boss Racist, or Just Being a Good Manager?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I work for a state supported college. I have worked there for 23 years. I have been passed up for promotion to the top IT job at the school 3 times in the last 9 years. Each time the top job comes available, the President elects NOT to advertise the position internally or externally and just appoints who he wants to have the job.

Each time, the position is filled with one of his cronies or someone with little to no experience or formal education or training in the IT field. I am an African America male with 30 years of experience in IT. My position is 3rd from the top IT position. I often feel that I am not afforded an equal opportunity to compete for the top job because of this hiring practice.

Also, I calculated that I have missed out on approximately $150,000 of income had I gotten the job 10 years ago. Is this discrimination? Also, is this a charge that the EEOC will consider?

Is My Boss Racist, or Just Being a Good Manager?


Talyssa said...

Maybe I missed it,but its not obvious that the letter writer ever went to the VP and said "Hey I was wondering what the process was for this - I like [person who was chosen] and think they have great potential, but this is also a career path I'd be interested in and I'd like to know how I could gain consideration for it in the future".

I mean, sometimes you have to tell people you WANT a job before they'll consider promoting you to it.

Will said...

I'm not sure it's discrimination - certainly not from the information provided there. As Talyssa suggests, perhaps try talking to the boss - providing them with a strong argument as to why you are valuable and should be promoted. Don't be afraid to promote yourself.

Unknown said...

As the case seems the inquirer needs to find himself about the racist discrimination as it must be happening with others if it is true. The solution to his real problem seems that he lacks the authority and leadership quality that a senior or a head position requires. He needs to look at his loopholes and talk voice his concern to the President in professional way.

I have covered such issues in my recent post

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